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Registration Deadline: 18-02-2024 11:59 PM.

About Unconference

Unconference goes beyond being just a case study competition, providing a platform for student innovators nationwide to come together and brainstorm solutions for the pressing issues in India. It is a transformative journey that immerses participants in the entrepreneurial mindset, allowing them to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs from across the country, industry experts, and mentors to stretch their boundaries.


Unconference strives to be a driving force for innovation and growth, empowering young minds to unleash their potential and create transformative solutions. Our aim is to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurship, facilitates connections between aspiring entrepreneurs and industry experts, and enables startups and organizations to achieve product-market fit through the fresh and innovative ideas generated by the participants.


Our mission is to empower future entrepreneurs by bridging the gap between academia and the business world. We aim to provide a platform where students can interact with startups and organizations, solve real-life business challenges, and develop their problem-solving skills, business acumen, and cultural insight.


Incentive 1

Opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Incentive 2

Prize pool of INR 25,000 for the winner, INR 15,000 for first runner up and INR 10,000 for second runner up.


Round 1: Submission Round

Participants will be required to submit an executive summary of the solution to the case problem given. Teams are shortlisted to round 2 based on their executive summary.

Round 2: Round 2.1

The shortlisted teams are required to elaborate on their executive summary and prepare a detailed presentation. They will enter guiding sessions such as one-on-one mentoring from professional business leaders and advanced workshops will be held to solve the case study.

Round 2: Round 2.2

After elaboration, the teams are invited to the campus of IIT Madras during the flagship event ESummit 2024. Here, the teams are required to present their elaborated solution in front of a panel of judges.

Who can participate?

The event is open to all UG, PG, MBA and PhD students of any stream and college.

How to Participate?

Participants will register for the event in Unstop as teams of 2-4 members. Participants will be required to submit an executive summary of the solution to the case study. Maximum number of slides permitted is 4 excluding the first and the last page. In round 2, participants will be required to elaborate on their summary with the help of mentors and submit a final ppt of maximum 15 slides excluding first and last page. Shortlisted participants will be required to visit the campus of IIT Madras during the flagship event E-Summit and pitch their ideas.


Event Launch

11th Feb

Registrations close

18th Feb

Release of case statment

19th Feb

Case Statement briefing by case partner

During round 1

1st round submissions

25th Feb

Announcement of results of 1st round

28th Feb

Round 2 Mentoring sessions

During Round 2

2nd round submissions

3rd March

Round 2 Finale

E-summit 2024


Can individuals from any educational background apply?


Is cross-college collaboration permitted for team formation in the event?


Can individuals join the event independently, or is team participation obligatory?


Is there any Registration fee for this event?


What's the nature of both rounds?


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