Every year, the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Madras plays host to the Entrepreneurship Summit which looks at innovation and entrepreneurship as a process driven by a gamut of disciplines with a prime focus on the new engineering challenges, and a plethora of market opportunities lying alongside them. E-Summit 2021, themed around ‘Sustain to Attain', is a 4-Conclave model including Youth Conclave, Innovators’ Conclave, Startup Conclave, and Growth Conclave along with the social campaign Pankh. Each conclave is planned to serve a specific set of audience in a well-defined and customized way, thus giving them an even more enriching experience and knowledge set. In this year's convention at E-Summit 2021, we aim to showcase worldwide experience to our audience by eminent experts from government, industry, and academia as well as various successful startups operating and changing the dynamics of this new virtual world we all live in.





Youth Conclave

Launching leaders of tomorrow. Youth Conclave is a multi-faceted confluence of engaging competitive and networking events that help an individual unlock their latent potential and skills in business and entrepreneurship. It is envisioned to promote entrepreneurial spirit and aptitude amongst the next generation of graduates hence paving the way for these young leaders to ride the wave of change in the careers they undertake.

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Innovator's Conclave

Envisioned towards providing aspiring entrepreneurs with intensive mentoring and workshops from industry experts, Innovators' Conclave promises to be the one to nurture entrepreneurial mindsets and provide an opportunity to challenge oneself and to test one's capability in this marathon of innovation through the plethora of competitive B-planning and comprehensive case-study events.

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Startup Conclave

Aiming to accelerate startup growth, Startup Conclave is concentrated on providing networking and experimental learning. It is a platform for founders, investors and startup enthusiasts for providing extreme networking experience, insights and knowledge on various important topics and ensuring you meet the right people, in the right business atmosphere.

The Conclave is crafted intrinsically for prospective and emerging startups looking for funding and expanding their network as well as knowledge, service providers, business/industrial stalwarts, VC firms and Investors, and Incubators and Accelerators with quality sessions, workshops, seminars, round table sessions, panel discussions, pitch, and of course never-stopping networking.

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Growth Conclave

A set of worksops to deliver the necessary hard skills needed in building our participants' technical skills, business acumen to grow in their career and our new age entrepreneurs to grow in their entrepreneurial journey. Bringing together industry experts at the Growth Conclave, we aim to provide the best learning opportunities on our platform to upskill oneself and one's startup. Immersive post workshop tasks and activities will be included to increase the overall engagement factor in a virtual platform. Conducted broadly over the following tracks: Technology Based, Business Based and Startup Based, we aim to cover the following areas of interest.

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