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Registration Deadline: 17 March 11:59 PM.


E-Cell, IIT Madras presents Strategize - an immersive experience in the art of policymaking. Effective policies require a balance of intelligence, patience, and sagacity. Strategize will provide you with an exhilarating experience of analyzing policies and developing creative solutions. This competition is based on the theme of tackling the UNSDG 7: Clean and Affordable Energy, focused under E-Cell’s social campaign and it will take the teams through a journey of research, creativity and innovation. Under professional guidance, participants will draft a policy to address the given problem. With the best policies to be submitted to a government body.

Our Vision

In the era of globalisation, it has become a necessity to promote and create changemakers. Who will through their creative and innovative minds will address the pressing issues of the contemporary world to attain sustainable development. Strategize is our attempt to contribute to this vision. Here, participants from across the world are encouraged to wear their thinking caps and receive guidance from professionals in this domain.


Round 1: Policy Proposal

In this round, participants need to create a single page policy doc on the SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy, one of the four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focused under E-Summit ‘23 Social Campaign “Heal-Thy”. This doc should cover the policy plan, vision and mission of the team, a feasibility check and other matters of relevance identified by the team.

Policy Development Workshop

The shortlisted teams from round 1 will receive professional training in policy development by a panel of experts from India Energy Storage Alliance.

Round 2: Policy Submission

After being trained in policy development, the teams will receive a specific issue under UNSDG 7 for which they have to develop a formal policy proposal. This round will test the teams' abilities to think exhaustively to address a real world problem.

Round 3: Finale

The shortlisted teams from round 2 will be invited to IIT Madras where they will present their proposals to a diverse jury of experts in different fields. The best policies will be submitted to a government body. The top two teams will win from the prize pool of Rs. 75,000.

Why participate?

Prize Money

Total prize pool of 75k

Special Access to E-Summit

Get special access to all E-Summit events, workshops, and much more!


Official Certificates from E-Cell IIT Madras for all participants and winners

Free mentorship

Free training and mentorship by experts in policy formulation.

Submitted to Government

Top Policies will be presented to government.



7th Mar - 17th Mar

Round 1: Policy Proposal

10th Mar - 17th Mar

Policy Development Workshop

24th Mar

Round 2: Policy Submission

20th Mar - 2nd April


6th April


9th April


The competition is open to all policy enthusiasts from students to working professionals. Teams with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members can be formed.


How will the problem statement for the SDGs be provided?


Are the rounds offline or online?


Can we use external resources to support our policy proposal?


Are there any prerequisites for participation?


Can participants from a team belong to different educational institutions?


When do we get the timing details for the offline rounds?


What will be the mode of the workshop?


Who are eligible for the workshop?


Who will cover the cost of stay and travelling to IIT Madras?


Can participants submit more than one policy proposal?


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