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“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable” – Robert Arnott


Registration Deadline: 22-March-2023

About The Game(rules)

The rules of the game are simple. Every participant is initially given the same number of virtual credits, which are expected to be invested as profitably as possible by the contestants for a time period of 2 weeks. In the end, participants will be judged based on the effectiveness of the portfolio they made (basically it means the participant with the highest net worth after 2 weeks wins ).

Our Mission

The mission of this game is to give the participants a better understanding of portfolio management and the strategies involved in it. This game mainly tests the strategic thinking and tactical skills of participants, which are extremely important qualities to participate in the stock market. Most importantly, it's a perfect opportunity to get familiarized with the real-world stock market.



10th March, Friday

Registration Deadline

22nd March, Wednesday

Competition commences

27th March, Monday


7th April, Friday


Anyone who is interested in testing their skills in trading can participate. Individual Participation.


How to participate?


Where will the competition be held?


Is this competition simulated or works on the real-world stock market?


How long will the event last?


How will the winner be decided?


When will the result be declared?


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