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Sandberg's Match
Build the perfect founding team

Join us for an oportunity to engage with highly skilled professionals and potentially recruit them to join your startup's founding teamE-Summit IITM 2024

Registration Deadline: 1st April

About Us

At Sandberg's Match, we understand that a successful startup requires a strong founding team with expertise in key areas such as Business Management, Technical Operations, Finance and Accounting, and Marketing and Sales. Through our platform, you'll have the opportunity to network with industry experts in each of these areas through separate, closed-door cohorts. This way, you can find the perfect match and build your ideal founding team with confidence.


Stage 1: Registration

A registration form will be sent for both the experienced professionals and startups where they will have to choose one of 4 fields- Business management, Finance and accounting, Marketing and sales and Technical.

Stage 2: Offline Event

The 4 cohorts would have a separate panel discussion and networking session so as to facilitate a connection between the experienced professionals and the startups. Location: IIT Madras

Stage 3: High tea

There would be a high tea at the end of the sessions where all the 4 cohorts could have a chance to network with each other. Location: IIT Madras


Registration starts

7th March

Registration deadline

4th April

Networking Lunch

7th April 12:45PM - Interact with excellent cofounders and VCs over lunch served on campus

Sandberg's Match

7th April 2:00PM - 4:30PM

Contact Us


+91 83607 50866 Vaibhav

+91  98450 50496 Navneet

+91  74830 41007 Aditya