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A Product Management Case Study Competition | E-Summit IITM 2024


Registration Deadline: 10th Jan 2024

What is Product Construct?

Product Construct is the ultimate platform for aspiring product managers, offering a meticulously designed PM Case Study Competition that challenges participants to navigate real-world scenarios with strategic thinking. Your Product Construct expedition will involve two rounds of case studies, along with knowledge-exchange sessions on PM, interactive workshops, insightful mentoring sessions, and much more! Elevate your Product Management journey with us — where innovation meets strategy, and challenges become opportunities.



Product Construct envisions incorporating essential product management concepts into the learning journey of aspiring product managers thereby leading them towards building products. This will give them a competitive edge in the realm of Product Management and product building, by avoiding common mistakes in their PM journey.


The mission of Product Construct lies in introducing young minds to the promising aspects of Product Management and cultivating analytical skills via solving real-world challenges. Through the event, the end goal is to provide a glimpse into the dynamic world of Product Management and empower participants to become innovators of tomorrow.


About Product & Growth Masterclasses(PGM)

Product & Growth Masterclasses (PGM) will be a guest lecture series aimed at introducing aspiring PMs to the diverse terminologies involved in product management.

About Product Management Conference

A new initiative this year, PM Conference will take you through a tour in the realm of PM, from engaging Panel of Discussions to insightful Keynote sessions.

Why participate?

Prize Money

Total prize pool of 75K


Personalised mentoring sessions with seasoned product mentors and industry experts.


Interact with prominent Product Managers and Entrepreneurs, engaging in insightful discussions regarding PM.

Internship Opportunities

Seek internship or PPO opportunities with the event partner.

Skill Development

Hands-on experience in product ideation, development, and management via solving case studies.

Masterclasses / Conference

Access to exclusive networking opportunities via Masterclasses and PM Conference with renowned names in the field of PM.

Who can participate?

The event is open to all UG, PG, and PhD students of any stream and college. Each team must have a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 members.


Round 1: Preliminary Round

A preliminary case study be given to the participants. The case study will serve as a stepping stone for the master case study in round 2 and will focus on the basics of PM.

Round 2: Final Round

A master case study will be given to the shortlisted teams. It will be an extension of the case study in round 1. Participants will be required to come up with an intricate pitch deck and wireframe model for the problem statement.


Event Launch

26th Dec 2023

Introduction sessions (*2)

2nd - 10th Jan 2024

Release of the mini case study (round 1)

12th Jan 2024

Workshops on PM (*3)

12th Jan - 1st Feb 2024

Release of Master case study

5th Feb 2024

Results of Round 1

6th Feb 2024

Mentor allotment

7th Feb 2024

Deadline for master case study

19th Feb 2024

Announcement of finalist teams

26th Feb 2024

Past PGM Speakers

Speaker photo

Anshumani Ruddra

Speaker photo

Shravan Tickoo

Speaker photo

Saptarshi Prakash

Speaker photo

Arindam Mukherjee



Team Dream

The competition was well organized & we had a good time working on the problem statement.


Team Loyalty

The journey was exhilarating and exciting throughout. My team was selected for the finals of Product Construct and we secured a spot amongst the top 5 teams. We felt very grateful to have received such an opportunity along with top business minds across the country. Exhibitions, performances, networking and guest lectures were just a cherry on the cake, which felt very rewarding from our long journey from IIT Varanasi to IIT Madras.


Team 3Invincibles

Product Construct is one of my favourite competitions during E-summit. The problem statement was so great that it made me go through the user journey multiple times and find some serious issue with that. Again it was fun due to involvement of making ui design for the mobile application which was one of my interests. I really enjoyed the product construct.


Team Son of Pitches

Product Construct was actually quite fun in the sense it made us think from the ground up, completely take ownership of the problem statement and researching from every nook and corner. The best thing was how we all sat as a team sharing ideas with each other and debating, discussion etc. like a typical group of founders. I made some very good memories working with them honestly.


Are there any registration fees?


Are there any prerequisites for this event?


How many members can form a team?


Are cross college teams allowed?


How many teams will be shortlisted after the application process?


Will I get the opportunity to visit the IIT Madras campus?


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