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Future Fundamentals, Marketing Mastery - Where Strategic Investment Unlocks Prosperity.


Registration Deadline: 05-02-2024 11:59 PM.

About Invaso

"Invaso" - Investment Meets Marketing Excellence

Invaso transcends traditional investment events by integrating both financial acumen and marketing savvy. Recognizing the need for strategic wealth management, this competition challenges young minds to innovate, strategize, and excel in a dynamic business landscape. Invaso offers an interactive investment simulation where participants allocate virtual funds, analyze market trends, and make calculated decisions. At Invaso, we aspire to ignite young minds in the spheres of investment and marketing.

Our Vision

At Invaso, we aspire to ignite young minds in the spheres of investment and marketing. Our vision is to cultivate an entrepreneurial ethos, offering a unique competition for skill refinement. Our mission is to equip the next generation with indispensable tools and knowledge, empowering them to thrive in the dynamic arenas of finance and business. Join us as we pave the way for participants to emerge as savvy investors and marketers, poised to navigate and excel in the evolving landscape

Why participate?

Prize Money

Battle out other teams and set your hands on a prize pool of ₹30k

Real-world Application

In "Market-Up Invaso," students apply theoretical knowledge in finance and marketing to manage a virtual business, gaining practical insights into decision-making and strategy execution.

Collaborative Learning

The game fosters collaboration and networking as teams engage within and across sectors, promoting a dynamic exchange of ideas and skills among diverse talents.

Innovative Pitching Experience

The final round challenges students to present an integrated business model, honing communication and presentation skills, and providing a competitive yet supportive platform for showcasing creativity



28th Jan

Registration Deadline

9th Feb

Round 1

11th Feb

Round 1 Results

13th Feb

Round 2 Begins

14th Feb

Round 2 Ends

15th Feb

Round 2 Results

18th Feb


8th March


Round 1: Crossword

Prepare for an engaging crossword where clearing it qualifies you for the next exciting stage. This unique challenge blends financial terms related to investments with marketing questions to assess your prowess in both realms. Get ready to showcase your knowledge and skills across finance and marketing as you aim to conquer this competition.

Round 2: Capital Quest

We present a unique problem statement focused on investment strategies to fuel your entrepreneurial journey. This challenge tasks you with crafting a comprehensive investment plan. Showcase your financial acumen and strategic thinking as you tackle real-world investment dilemmas. Join us and unleash your potential today.

Round 3: BrandBlitz

This round shifts the focus to marketing strategies for products and services. Participants will craft compelling pitches that outline innovative and effective marketing strategies tailored to their chosen product or service. From branding and digital marketing to social media and influencer partnerships, this challenge will test your creativity and strategic thinking in capturing market share and driving brand awareness. Join us as you pitch your ideas to captivate audiences and propel your business forward.


Anyone with an interest in investment ,marketing strategies/branding campaigns, management or business is eligible to participate. There is no restriction in terms of education or age.


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