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The Entrepreneurship Marathon

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Registration Deadline: 10-03-2023, Friday 11:59 PM.

What is the E-thletics?

E-thletics is a multi-round marathon that walks a player through each step of building a company or a product. Every round puts a different entrepreneurial ability to the test - from idea generation, analytical thinking to critical management - we do it all here. Take back home an experience of building something of your own. In the midst of extreme competitive pressure, race against the clock while remaining steadfast. Put your perseverance and patience to the test and register today.

Why participate?

Prize Money

Total prize pool of Rs 30K

Special Access E-Summit 2023

Get special access to complete E-Summit events, talks, workshops and much more!

Official Certificate

Official Certificates from E-Cell IIT Madras for all participants and winners


An experiential simulation of building a product from scratch


Compete with like-minded people and get a chance to expand your network

Patience and Perseverance

This marathon of entrepreneurial rounds is a test of your endurance.


Any college student with an interest in product designing, entrepreneurship, management or business is eligible to participate. There is no restriction on age.


Round 0: Revamp Regatta

Transform and refine a basic product into a multi-functional item that makes the lives of your customers simpler and more convenient. Create a two-slide presentation outlining the concept of the product and the issues it addresses.

Round 1: Strategy Sprint

Develop a business model for your idea. Identify your target audience, describe your Unique Selling Point and strategize against your competitors. Structure your analysis in the simplest and most comprehensive way possible, and put it forward for the world to see.

Round 2: Eco-Endurance Race

Showcase your commitment towards Mother Earth and demonstrate how you are taking tangible steps towards achieving the UN SDG. Come up with a relevant and feasible action plan, taking advantage of the new government environmental policies.

Round 3: Jeopardy

Welcome to this thrilling round where your company will face an unexpected major crisis like cyber-attack, a product recall, or a sudden loss of a key leader. Teams will have to think on their feet and come up with an action plan to recover from the crisis with the least damage possible.

Round 4: Bill the Banner

You must craft a thorough marketing strategy for your product. that can successfully reach your target market and spread word about the product. Take up the challenge and present the most comprehensive and effective marketing plan that aligns with your product and target audience.



27th Feb

Registration Duration

27th Feb - 10th March

Round 0

10th March - 11th March

Round 0 Results

15th March

Round 1-4

7th - 9th April (at IIT-M Campus)

Final Results

9th April


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Is this event online?


Where do I make my submission for Round 0?


When do we get the timing details for the offline rounds?


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