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Registration Deadline: 09-03-2023, Thursday 11:59 PM.

What is the Boardroom?

Boardroom is an event focused on giving the participants an experience of a board meeting. The participants take roles of different board members and get an opportunity to solve a unique case study and make big decisions spontaneously.

Our Vision

The vision of Boardroom is to provide the participants with the opportunity to demonstrate bold vision, creativity, technical insight, and business leadership while solving a business base focused on tomorrow’s issues in a formal setting with designated roles.

Why participate?

Prize Money

Total prize pool of Rs 30K

Special Access E-Summit 2023

Get special access to complete E-Summit events, talks, workshops and much more!

Official Certificate

Official Certificates from E-Cell IIT Madras for all participants and winners

Decision Making

Participants would learn the ripple effects of far-reaching decisions that they make.


As a board director,participants would learn when and where to exert influence.

Emotional Quotient

Boardroom provides the opportunity to show emotional wit that helps one approach difficult situations.


Anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship, management or business is eligible to participate. There is no restriction in terms of education or age.


Round 1: Online Quiz

An entrepreneurship based timed online quiz that’ll test participants’ intelligence, decision making, problem-solving approach and potential to become a board member. Questions will be centered around entrepreneurial trivia, critical thinking and crisis management.

Round 2: Executive Summary

Participants will have to submit an executive summary on challenges that a board often encounters.Challenges will be provided to the qualified teams that’ll test teams’ in depth knowledge on the subject.

Round 3: The Boardroom

Each team will be given a case study which they will have to solve in the given amount of time. Each team will have one CEO and 2 directors. The CEO will be responsible to drive the discussion during the meeting while the directors try and solve the case.



25th Feb

Registration Duration

25th Feb - 11th March

Round 1

12th March

Round 1 Results

14th March

Round 2

15th - 17th March

Round 2 Results

22nd March

Grand Finale

7th - 9th April


Is team registration necessary ?


Are the rounds online or offline ?


Are there any pre-requisites for participation?


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+91 9888271444 Sarayu Kancharla

+91 9600927472 S. Nikhilesh