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Registration Deadline: 08-02-2023, Thursday 11:59 PM.


Step into the Boardroom Competition, where participants immerse themselves in the dynamics of a boardroom meeting. Taking on various roles of board members, participants engage in solving a distinctive case study, making crucial decisions along the way. This competition offers a firsthand experience of the problem-solving mindset and environment encountered by directors of thriving companies.


Boardroom's vision is to afford participants a platform for honing critical thinking, fostering business leadership, and unleashing creativity by tackling business challenges in a formal setting with assigned roles.


The objective of Boardroom is to familiarize participants with the roles and responsibilities of board members within a company, fostering the development of entrepreneurial skills and perspectives along the journey.

Why participate?

Networking opportunities

Prize pool of ₹30k

Certificate of participation

Experience professional board meeting environment

Develop creativity and problem-solving skills


Anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship, management or business is eligible to participate. There is no restriction in terms of education or age.


Round 1: Breakthrough Blitz

Each participant will receive a file containing business dilemmas. Their task is to effectively address these challenges and present their solutions in the format of a 2-slide PowerPoint presentation. Participants will have to use their problem-solving and creativity skills to come up with unique solutions to different business problems.

Round 2: The Boardroom

In this round of the competition, selected participants will be invited to IIT Madras for an offline round. Here, they will leverage their communication and collaboration skills to address a provided case study. Following the second round, shortlisted participants will be assigned random roles as board members. Engaging in a boardroom simulation, each participant will present their perspectives on the case study within a one-minute timeframe based on their designated role. Following individual presentations, a 15-minute cross-questioning session will take place. Subsequently, participants must collaboratively formulate a resolution within the allotted time, with each participant granted an additional minute to enhance and present their resolution to the judges. This challenge requires participants to don their thinking hats and devise the optimal resolution collectively.



30th Feb

Registration deadline

8th Feb

Round 1 Begins

11th Feb

Round 1 Ends

12th Feb

Round 1 Results

16th Feb

Round 2

10th March

Round 2 Results

10th March


Are the rounds online or offline ?


How will the roles be assigned for round 2?


Can one only cross question others who have the same role?


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