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Launching leaders of tomorrow. Youth Conclave is a multi-faceted confluence of engaging competitive and networking events that help an individual unlock their latent potential and skills in business and entrepreneurship. It is envisioned to promote entrepreneurial spirit and aptitude amongst the next generation of graduates hence paving the way for these young leaders to ride the wave of change in the careers they undertake.



Marketing is something that is found in every aspect of the business, it fuels both the external and internal activities of the business today. To foster this accent of marketing, E-Summit 2021 presents Markathon, as an attempt to identify, usher and appreciate the innovative minds which hold the future of content marketing.

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The Boardroom

A Game depicting the nitty-gritty of the functioning of a typical “board of directors” of a Company. Participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate a bold vision, creativity, technical insight, and business leadership while solving a business base focused on the issues of tomorrow

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Stocks are High

Get a better understanding of trading strategies and portfolio management through Stocks are high is a virtual stock trading competition. The event will test the strategic and tactical skills of the participants and provide them with an opportunity to be familiar with real-world trading.

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Business Simulation Game

CeoForChange is a competition to replicate a startup environment and understand the dynamics involved in the current market scenario. We bring to you an opportunity to run your own company via a real-time simulation game from Cymorg and earn big.

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Dig your way into the quiz and let your business acumen speak for itself. By expanding an individual’s entrepreneurial knowledge and exploring the much spread realm, BizQuiz redefines the business mindset in students in significant ways. It isn’t a regular quiz competition as it features two streams or tracks ranging from finance and operations to PR and Business Models.

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E Awards

The Entrepreneurship Awards 2020 is our sincere attempt to identify those brilliant business ideas and ventures and the magnificent people on campus behind who collectively despite facing all odds make it happen! The awards aim to felicitate student entrepreneurs who are Glued to Growth and emerged as young change-makers, innovators who are the future of sustainability. The Awards also seek to highlight models of excellence for others to emulate and improve upon. The goal of this award is to commend them so they can motivate others.

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A multi-stage competition centered around the participants' ability to stick to their guns in the face of intense comptetitive pressure.

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