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Registration Deadline: 17 March 11:59 PM.



The Sustainability Case Study Competition is a unique opportunity for university students to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world sustainability challenges.The competition is open to teams of 1-4 students from any discipline, and offers a prize pool of Rs.75,000 .The competition brief asks teams to investigate and develop avenues to contribute towards setting up a robust infrastructure for carbon trading in India. This is an amazing opportunity for students to get hands-on experience working on sustainability issues, and to compete for a substantial prize pool. We encourage all eligible students to enter!

Our Vision

We believe that the Sustainability Case Study Competition is making a positive impact on the way that young people think about sustainability issues. By providing an opportunity for students to apply their skills and knowledge to real-world problems, we are helping to create a new generation of leaders who are committed to finding sustainable solutions.

Why participate?

Prize Money

Total prize pool of 75k

Special Access to E-Summit

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Official Certificates from E-Cell IIT Madras for all participants and winners



3rd Mar - 17th Mar

Round 1: Project Proposal

10th Mar - 17th Mar

Round 2: The Plan

20th Mar


7th Apr - 9th Apr


The competition is open to all university students. Teams of up to 4 members can be formed.


Are the rounds offline or online?


Are there any prerequisites for participation?


Can participants from a team belong to different educational institutions?


When do we get the timing details for the offline rounds?


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