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What is Unconference?

At E-Summit, turning Ideas into possibilities is our biggest strength. Presenting Unconference Season 5.0. Where the bright minds from pan india work on real world challenges in form of case study that addresses not the biggest problems but the ones that matter. Aimed at bringing out the creative and business potential of the students while balancing constraints, Unconference strives to create ripples of imagination in a world full of constants. Unconference is not just a case study competition but a growth-challenge, whereby the participants are tested on their problem-solving ability, business acumen, cultural insight, communication skills, and teamwork within a limited time period.

Our Vision

Problems are in every sector but solution is what matters. Unconference is where Ideas turn into possibilities. With case studies along three tracks, we thrive to challenge young talent to feel the heat of real-world Industry problems and compete head-to-head to bring a change in the ecosystem.

Why participate?

Interact with entrepreneurs and industry experts

Total Prize Pool of 80K

Solve real world challenges in emerging sectors

Who can participate?

The event is open to all UG, PG, MBA and PhD students of any stream and college. Each team must have a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 members. Cross college teams are allowed.

How to participate?

You must be a currently enrolled student of a full-time programme in a university.

Come up in a team of 2-5 people across any major

Choose one out of 3 tracks based on your preference and availability.


  • Registrations Window

    27th Jan – 15th Feb
  • Case Study Launch

    9th Feb, Tuesday
  • Attend a short live session

    11th Feb, Thursday

    Attend a 15-20 minute introduction session with the startup whose case problem you are solving.

  • Prelims round deadline

    18th Feb, Monday

    • Submit the executive summary of the problem statement covered within 2 slides(excluding team slide) on or before 11:59 PM, 18th February.
    • Executive summary should include a brief on your idea and shouldn’t exceed the page limit.
    • 12 teams will be selected for the finale in each track.

  • Prelims result announcement

    25th Feb/26th Feb

    Login to see your result and fasten your belt for finale

  • Finale Case submissionn

    10th March, Wednesday

    Submit a detailed solution for the case as per the guidelines.

  • The Finale

    12-13 March

    Pitch your detailed plan in front of judges. Cash prizes will be awarded in each track separately.


Are there any registration fees?

There are no registration fees at any stage of Uncoference.

Are cross college teams allowed?

Yes. There are no restrictions on building a team as long as all its members are either undergraduates, post graduates or PhD fellows.

How many teams will be shortlisted after the application process?

12 teams in each of the three tracks

When will the prize money be given to the winners?

Prize money will be given lumpsum to the winners in the few days after declaration of results.

For queries, contact:

+918000967089 Anurag Gupta