Startup Showcase

What is Startup Showcase?

The event is open to all UG, PG and PhD students of any stream and college. Each team must have a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 members.


Register here for BootCamp. Take your time, and make sure you carefully fill up the form, it’s your gateway to the next rounds of Bootcamp!


  • Registrations Window

    15th Jan – 31st Jan
  • Results of First Shortlisting

    13th Feb, Saturday

    A cohort of 25 teams will be selected from the applications and will proceed to the next stages of Bootcamp

  • Introduction and Networking

    13th Feb, Saturday

    We kick things off with an introduction to Bootcamp, its objectives, the timeline. The requirements of the report to be submitted on 28th Feb will be laid out. This will be followed by a Networking session with fellow teams.

  • Business Model Canvas 1 | Allotment of Mentors

    14th Feb, Sunday

    • Workshop on introduction to Business Model Canvas, focussing on Customer Segments, Value Propositions, Channels and Customer Relationships.
    • Post workshop, each team will be allotted a mentor who will guide the team and help applying concepts learnt in the workshops to each startup. Mentoring continues throughout the week in short spells according to the convenience of the teams and the mentors.

  • Business Model Canvas 2

    21th Feb, Sunday

    • Second workshop on Business Model Canvas, focussing on Revenue streams, Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partnerships, Cost Structure.
    • Mentoring continues through the week till 27th Feb.

  • Progress Report Submission

    28th Feb, Sunday

    Report of each team’s progress is to be submitted, applying the concepts learnt in workshops and in consultation with the mentors.

  • Second Shortlisting

    3rd March, Wednesday

    Based on the Progress Reports, teams which did not make satisfactory progress or could not validate their idea are eliminated. Selected teams are given entry to the E-Summit 21’ and the Pitching Finale.

  • Pitching Workshop and Networking

    6th March, Saturday

    • A workshop on the art and science of pitching to prepare each team for their final pitch. This will be followed by Networking sessions with industry experts and fellow teams.
    • The week will be sprinkled with other sessions on starting up. Teams will also have access to other talks and events of E-Summit 21’.

  • Finale – Pitch in front of the Judges

    13th March, Saturday

    - Final pitch in front of judges. Details of the event and rules regarding the pitch will be shared with the selected teams.

  • Declaration of Results

    14th March, Sunday


Are there any registration fees?

There are no registration fees at any stage of Bootcamp.

Are cross college teams allowed?

Yes. There are no restrictions on building a team as long as all its members are either undergraduates, post graduates or PhD fellows.

How many teams will be shortlisted after the application process?

25 teams.

What is the Progress Report?

It is a document to be submitted after the main sessions and after one-on-one mentoring that details the work done by the startup and key business elements. The exact list of things to be mentioned will be shared in the introductory session.

When will the one-on-one mentoring happen?

Each startup will be allotted a mentor from 13th February to 13th March. Mentoring happens in short spells at the mutual convenience of the team and the mentor via any online medium.

How many teams will be selected after the Report Submission?

The second shortlisting has no fixed number of teams to select. If all the teams show satisfactory progress and sustained efforts, all teams will proceed to the Finale.

When will the prize money be given to the winners?

Prize money will be given lumpsum to the winners in the few days after declaration of results.

For queries, contact:

+91 7988056690 Yuvraj singh
+91 9381571532 Suraj