Startup Showcase

What is Startup Showcase?

Startup Showcase is a pan-India level event for startups, a platform for innovative startups from all over the country to get in touch with hundreds of potential customers and investors and showcase their potential as future companies.This time we would be having virtual stalls on our E-Summit platform wherein all your videos and brochure would be displayed.


With E-Summit going virtual this year, we will have virtual stalls showcasing the various startups. A video about your startup will be played in the stalls. We can also have brochures/ppt/images for the visitors to look at.


What is the platform where the virtual stalls would be placed?

The virtual platform which we are using for the entire E-summit is Zuddl. All the stalls would be placed on the expo section of the platform.

Will the stalls be placed during the entire duration of E-Summit or on a selected days only?

Your startup stalls would be present for nearly half of the days of the E-Summit. We will let you know further details regarding the exact dates when your stall would be placed.

Do we need to be present at the stall at all times?

You need not be present at the stall at all times. The audience can ask the questions in the qna chat box which would be sent to you at the end of each day. You could directly answer those questions. Further we would also have your contact information added on your stall so they can also directly reach out to you

Is it a paid event?

It is a completely free event this year.

What kind of audience would I expect?

The audience would include investors, mentors, IITM students, other startups and also the general audience of E-Summit.

For queries, contact:

+91 7988056690 Yuvraj singh
+91 9381571532 Suraj