Startup Showcase

E-Summit IITM 2022


A platform for innovative startups from all over the country to get in touch with hundreds of its potential customers and investors. The stalls will be hosted on our customized online platform that shall be close to a virtual replica of an exhibition and networking zone in E-Summit'22.








With Startup Showcase we intend to uplift starups by helping them advertise their services and broaden their customer base. This will contribute to their business growth and help them reach the right audience with positive messaging that converts potential customers into paying customers.


Assist startups in improving their visibility and increasing their outreach by providing them with a platform to display/showcase their products/services and interact with the people and delegates who attend E-Summit 2022. Adding on to this is an opportunity to get direct feedback from their potential customers and connect with various investors & mentors.


Networking: An opportunity to interact with investors, mentors and other delegates on the platform.

Visibility: Broadening and reaching out to the customer base by advertising on our customized online platform.


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    1st February, Tuesday to 20th February, Sunday

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    Submission of Final Video

    21st February, Monday to 28th February, Monday

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    Startup Showcase: Recording display

    5th March, Saturday and 6th March, Sunday

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    Startup Showcase: Live Interaction

    6th March, Sunday


What are the benefits of Startup Showcase?

Get an opportunity to show your products/services to elite VCs, Professors, Investors, Mentors and Students.

Is it paid?

No, It is absolutely FREE

How will you display our products/services

Since this year E-Summit is online, a recorded video of your products/services will be displayed on our platform.

How many startups will be selected?

What is the eligibility criteria to apply?

Looking for interns for your startup?

Register for startup internfair! Information Brochure

For queries, contact:

+91 8106732750 Prakhar Agrawal
+91 6280166928 Yashita Arora