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6th March | 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

About E-lympics

E-lympics is a multi-stage business hackathon for those who can stick to their guns even in the face of competitive pressure. Participants must race against time without compromising with the quality as they make it through each of the challenging rounds. Just like an entrepreneur who is always on their toes, and can read between the lines, E-lympics will ask you to be nothing less. An exciting prize is waiting for you at the end so let out the hustler within you and win! Also acts as a great confidence booster to develop your research and analytical skills, communication, and creativity.

Why participate?

Prizes worth INR 25k for the winners
E-Certificates for the finalists.
Networking opportunities with your fellow competitors.
Competition mode & limited time-based questions bring out the best in you.
Excel your entrepreneurial and business skills in an unconventional way.


The shortlisted participants will be evaluated on the basis of their performance in all three rounds.

Screening Round

the Hackathon on the 6th March

Round 1: Sales Day

6th March 10:00 am

Round 2: Sector Decode

6th March 1:30 pm

Round 3: E-connect

6th March 7:00 pm