Best student entrepreneur on campus
Compete against the best and inspire the rest

E-Summit IITM 2022


This awards event would focus on identifying, commending, and glorifying the Best Entrepreneur On-campus. The competitors would have to dexterously portray their entrepreneurial skills through their diverse experiences in the business world. These awards would focus more on the entire entrepreneurial potential of the participant alongside analyzing their contribution to any startup/s.



These awards aim at facilitating the young student entrepreneurs to emerge as young changemakers by inspiring and motivating those around them. This event would provide the young entrepreneurs a platform to compete and interact with similar minds and prove their worth.



  1. The winner would be entitled to a “Best Entrepreneur On-Campus” title

  2. The winner would receive a trophy

  3. Associate with E-Cell, IIT Madras & explore the opportunities to inspire the rest


More than 30 successful IITM startups are part of E-Awards history


The event would be an individual event and it would comprise of 3 stages - A questionnaire, Networking round, and Interview.


Round 1: Questionnaire

  • A brief questionnaire in the form of a google form to test the diverse entrepreneurial skills of the applicant
  • The applicants would be shortlisted on the basis of the responses and the final list would be released on the E-Summit website

Round 2: Networking

  • In this round, the shortlisted applicants would get to interact and network with some distinguished alums from the field of entrepreneurship and with the other shortlisted participants.
  • There would be no shortlisting in this round, all the attendees would be promoted to the next stage
  • Vision

    Round 3: Presentation

    • A distinguished panel comprising of successful entrepreneurs and prominent leaders from academia and business linked with the IITM startup ecosystem will interview the participants
    • The winners would be declared on the website and E-cell’s social media handles



    • Only IIT madras students from all branches and batches are eligible

    • Any individual on campus having varied experiences and interests in the entrepreneurial world can register


    • ...

      Event launch

      17 February , 2022

    • ...

      Registrations begin

      17 February ,2022

    • ...

      Registrations Deadline

      25 February,2022

    • ...

      Declaring shortlisted participants

      28 Feb , 2022

    • ...

      Networking Round Table

      5 March, 2022

    • ...

      Releasing interview slots

      5 March, 2022

    • Interviews

      6 March, 2022

    • ...

      Declaring Winners

      7 March, 2022


    Is it an individual event or team event?


    Will the networking round be evaluated?

    No, it is just meant for facilitating participants’ interactions so that they can expand their network

    Is there any specific format for the presentation meant for the interviews?

    Yes, the details about the format would be provided after the networking round

    For queries, contact:

    +91 8446931119 Chinmayee