CeoForChange is a competition to replicate a startup environment and understand the dynamics involved in the current market scenario.

We bring to you an opportunity to run your own company via a real-time simulation game from Cymorg and earn big.



Test out your entrepreneurial mettle in running a startup tuned to a dynamic market.


Take strategic, tactical and operational decisions to maximize the profits of your virtual firm.


Know where you stand amongst various participants on a national leaderboard.


Receive an analytical report of your progress, strengths and weaknesses.

How to Participate!

Detailed instructions & rulebook will be sent out soon after the registration period ends.

Dates to remember!

Event scheduled on 13th of March. Timing will be notified soon.



INR 9,000!

First Runner

INR 6,500!

Second Runner

INR 4,000!


To be held on custom platform by Cymorg. Link will be shared with registered participants.

About Sponsor

Cymorg is a SaaS platform on which dynamic business simulations are used for analyzing and developing decision-making behavior in specific contexts. We improve business outcomes for our client organizations by aligning frontline team behavior with corporate strategy, at scale. To do this, we bring together chatbot technologies, machine learning algorithms, sentiment analytics and organizational psychology. The founders of Cymorg are proud alums from IIT Madras (Saras and Ganga hostel respectively) who spent many years making good and bad decisions in large multinationals across three continents, before becoming entrepreneurs.

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