Stimulating Ideas
to the Celestial Blue

A mini startup accelerator program

E-Summit IITM 2022

What is BootCamp?

Bootcamp is a 4-week long mini startup accelerator that provides early-stage startups with the requisite expertise and skills to make it big in the outside world BootCamp works through a carefully designed mixture of workshops and startup-specific mentoring that imparts knowledge efficiently.

In addition, it focuses on participatory learning and interaction within the cohort to push the limits of startups, generate new perspectives, and nudge founders to be proactive leaders while equipping them with the vital social skills necessary to mobilize people and resources. The outcome of BootCamp is a cohort of startups with a viable business plan and ready for incubation.

Our Vision

Ideas are critical, but the execution is the key. With 1.3 billion people, India faces no shortage of ideas nor human capital the elusiveness of resources, and lack of the initial push towards actualizing an idea that holds us down. Bootcamp seeks to solve this very problem of bringing ideas closer to reality

Incubators &
Investment Partners
Prize money



Curated for startups integrating innovative technologies into traditional financial sectors to make them safer, faster, and more efficient.


For startups, uplifting education with ingenious tech-focused techniques, making it more accessible, personalized, and convenient for students

Energy and Environment

For startups working on sustainable technologies, targeted towards environment-related causes and harnessing natural energy resources.

Sector Agnostic

For all the startups innovating new solutions, falling under sectors other than the ones mentioned, i.e. ( Fintech, Edtech, and Energy/Environment ).

Why participate?

Prize Money

Total Prize Pool of 5 Lakhs.


Sector-specific mentoring by industry experts


Hands-On training on key facets of entrepreneurship

Startup Services

Top performers will get legal and technical assistance


A chance to be a part of the group comprising Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs, and fellow teams

Media Coverage

Opportunity for promising startups to get featured on popular media platforms and E-Cell IITM handles and newsletters.

Fundraising Opportunities

Top three teams will receive free passes to external fundraising rounds hosted by VCs. Teams may also receive funding opportunities directly from the Finale Pitch.

Incubation Opportunities

Opportunites for teams to get incubated in professional Incubators. Outstanding individuals may also be invited to Entrepreneur-in-Residence programs.

Who can participate?

The event is open to all UG, PG and PhD students of any stream and college. Students who have graduated in or after 2018 are also eligible. Each team must have a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5 members.

How to participate?

  • Register for BootCamp before 20th of January 2022
  • Complete the Round 1 questionnaire . It’s your gateway to the next rounds of Bootcamp!
  • Rounds

    Round 0: Gearing Up

    A set of questions to understand the participants better. After successful registration, participants will be receiving an E-Summit ID within 24 hours through mail. Participants are required to login to the E-Summit portal and answer the questions under round 0.

    Round 1: Accelerated Rush

    The 4-week startup accelerator program, where teams progressively work under the guidance of mentors, get exposure to the hands-on workshops and network with fellow teams in a self-growing environment.

    Round 2: E-Summit Showdown

    The showdown, where teams pitch their business model to finish on the podium and stand a chance to win the coveted cash prize


    • Registration duration

      11th Jan - 27th Jan
    • Announcement of Shortlisted teams

      27th Jan
    • Orientation Session

      29th Jan
    • Mentor Mapping

      29th-31st Jan
    • Sector-specific networking

      5th Feb
    • Hands-On Workshop I

      6th Feb
    • Hands-On Workshop II

      13th Feb
    • Hands-On Workshop III

      20th Feb
    • Grand Finale

      6th March
    • Networking with VCs and investors

      6th March


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    Past Teams


    Is there any registration fees?

    No, the event is free to participate

    How many teams will be shortlisted after registrations?

    There will be 10 teams per track, so a total of 40 teams will be shortlisted

    When will the mentoring happen

    It will happen throughout February at the mutual convenience of mentor and team

    Do participating teams need to travel for Bootcamp

    No, the event is completely virtual

    If my startup does not belong to Edtech, Fintech or Cleantech, then where what category should I choose?

    You have to choose the sector-agnostic category

    Will there be a different Finale for each track?

    Yes, there will be different finales for every track.

    Can I participate with different ideas?

    No, you can only participate with one idea submission.

    For queries, contact:

    +91 6378514826 Shrihari
    +91 7207877290 Swapnali
    +91 8779305151 Ujjwal