A Game depicting the nitty-gritty of the functioning of a typical “board of directors” of a Company. Participants will have the opportunity to demonstrate a bold vision, creativity, technical insight, and business leadership while solving a business base focused on the issues of tomorrow.
FOR Youth Conclave Participants



Knockout Quiz

17th Feb


Result announcement

20th Feb


Instructions for summit finale

2nd March


Summit showdown

7th March




Round 1

KnockOut Quiz

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  • The Quiz will be based on the roles and duties of each Board Member. The questions will consist of typical problems that are dealt with by the members of the board.
  • Structure:
    • > Total Questions - 15
    • > Total marks - 35
  • The number of participants selected for the final round = 5 x 6 = 30
    The selected people will then have to fill a form to give their preference order for the member of the board they want to represent in the final round.
  • The roles will be allotted to the selected participants based on their preferences and scores(High score implies more chance of getting 1st preference) in the first round and a team of 5 each consisting of CEO/CTO/CFO/CMO/HR will be made by us (total 6 teams).
  • The information regarding the team and team members and a WhatsApp group for each team will be formed and conveyed prior to the Final Round.
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  • A Problem statement will be presented to the teams along with certain resource constraints (e.g., investor cant invest more than 10,000$, Workers must not be overworked(HR should ensure this), CFO must distribute the money ina certain order, etc.)
  • The Teams must discuss themselves and develop the most efficient solution (complying with the constraints) in 1.5 hrs.
  • In the end, Each board member shall fill a form which will have certain questions related to the roles assigned to them. (to be attached at the end of the report)
  • Each member should be aware of the duties, responsibilities, and departments that come under his or her role.

Submission requirements for the Final Round and Judging criteria


Feasibility of their solution, practicality, financially affordable, convenient, best case study solution, efficient investments, etc.


To ensure that each participant has performed the role allotted to them only.

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